Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thank You Card Folder

I'm excited to now offer thank-you card folders. These are a great way to include your wedding photos in a traditional card format. Write your special message on the inside left and pop in your favorite wedding photo in the slots to the right! The cutie shown in my photo is Ari, my Yorkie who is also employed as the studio greeter and some times tries to get my clients to throw toys for him!

DIY Holiday Gift Labels

This year Pinkpolka Design sent out holiday gift labels as a corporate greeting. I am happy to share the design with anyone who would like to use this template for a DIY project.

What you need: 
Cutting Mat
X-acto knife
Avery label paper

1. Download the provided pdf template file here!
2. Purchase Avery label paper (from Staples or Wal-Mart).
3. Use your desktop printer to print the pdf file on to the Avery label paper.
4. Use an X-acto knife and cutting mat to trim labels along the dotted lines.
5. Attach the stickers to all the special gifts you are giving this season!