Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Children's Carnival Birthday Invitation

I was ecstatic when Ailynn of Whimsical Cake Studio asked me to create a carnival style birthday invite for her daughter's 1st birthday party. I had fun using over-the-top circus themed fonts and graphics, and even shaped the invite like a ticket with inverted corners. This birthday party will have everything from a petting zoo and face-painting to a good old-fashioned ring toss game. I was also asked to create a coordinating poster along with signs and sweet table labels. I'm sure all the children and adults will have a blast at this party and I can't wait to see the photos!
The complete package came tied in a coordinating blush pink and fuchsia ribbon
with a Razzleberry envelope and a fun envelope sealer

A coordinating map helped guest find all the fun!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bridal Party Invitations

If you are looking for a creative way to invite your besties to stand-up for you on your wedding day, look no further. We've created a super cute free download for you to use as a Bridesmaid and Matron of Honor invite! You can either attached the PDF to an email or print them out and place them in a envelope (5.5" envelope). Check out the images below.

To download the MOH invite click here.
To download the Bridesmaid invite click here.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pinkpolka is now in Style Me Pretty's Little Black Book!

A couple weeks ago my inbox was graced with an exclusive invitation from Style Me Pretty's Little Black Book! Being a huge fan of the gorgeous wedding blog, I was beyond excited. Today, the Pinkpolka Wedding Design profile is live on the site! You can view the profile here. We still have to add a portfolio and other tidbits so check back next time you are enjoying the beautiful eye candy on SMP!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Bridal Stationery Trends: Martha Stewart Weddings

I was one of the attendees of the National Stationery Show who were the first to hear these exciting new findings delivered by Darcy Miller, Editor of Martha Stewart Weddings. These trends were determined from a survey done by Martha Stewart Weddings in partnership with the National Stationery Show.

Trend 1: Personalization
This is a continuing trend for the past few years. Couples are bringing more unique and personalized details to their wedding so why wouldn’t they do the same for their wedding stationery. The invitations set the tone for the wedding and this is the perfect opportunity to reflect the couples personality and style.

Above: Travel was a key characteristic of this couple’s relationship leading up to the wedding as the bride was from Texas and the groom from Calgary. Not only did the bride want the invitation to reflect a boarding pass, but also wanted to include a collage of items that defined their relationship. Items in the leaf collage include popcorn, a camera, suitcase, along with many others!

Trend 2: More Colour
Using more colour in stationery is something brides indicated was important. This trend definitely did not surprise me, as the majority of my clients are enthusiastic to incorporate lots of colour in their stationery. Traditionally, invitations were only created using white paper. As tradition and etiquette evolved with culture, it was no longer a faux pas to use colour in wedding invitations. Today we see bright and vibrant colours used to emphasize the couples personality and tone of the wedding day.

 Above: The first thing this bride told me was that the invite had to be bright pink and blue. She had a clear vision for the invite and was not afraid to use bold colour. She also loved polka dots (just like me) so I had so much fun using a varied scale of polka dots with the bright vibrant hues. 

Trend 3: More Crafty
Brides are looking to give stationery a personal touch without sacrificing quality. The term crafty does not necessarily mean brides want to make their own invites, but rather add a crafty element as a final touch. This could be using a ribbon as a cigar band or adding a metal brad to the final professional printed invitation. This trend is something I have experienced with a few of my clients this year where I collaborated on a crafty detail they wanted to include. These couples wanted their invites to look professional and polished but still be part of the process by adding a do-it-yourself element.

 Above: This peacock inspired invite was designed specifically for a ribbon and peacock feather the bride had brought to me in the first consultation. I made a single-fold perforated invite that was sealed closed with the ribbon and finished with the single peacock feather on the front. 

Trend 4: More Customized 
Similar to infusing personality into the invitations, couples want to give a sense of place that the wedding will take place. Tailoring the invitation to match the tone and theme of the wedding is an increasing trend.

Above: Lily and James wanted a fun and light-hearted invite for their destination wedding in Jamaica. I used a postcard style format with over-the-top animations and display typeface to reinforce the playful headline of "Jamaicus Happy & Come to our Wedding!”

Trend 5: More Wow
This trend is right up my alley! I am always trying to come up with unique printing, paper and construction of invitations. The wow factor for brides means that their invitation is more sophisticated, considered, arresting, and beautiful.
Recently, I produced a laser-cut invitation that has refined details unlike anything most people have seen. I am also working on providing more die-cut invitations, which means the shapes are unique and unexpected. I also like to work with coloured and textured papers and envelopes that can create unique effects.
A variety of sizes can also create a wow factor. The standard invitation size fits in an A7 envelope which measures 5.25” x 7.25”, but many couples have been using square and long rectangle shapes to create a modern and contemporary feel.

Above: The sample shows the use of a rich emerald green translucent envelope revealing the bold black and white artwork underneath. The couple was inspired by a pattern on a duvet cover they owned. We used the duvet cover as reference for their wedding invitation design.